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Welcome to Fabula Botanical Skincare - I'm Pip Dean and I live at Waikanae beach in Kapiti, where I've created a range of 100% pure botanical skincare products made in small batches, and by hand.   Completely free of parabens and sulphates, fake colours and known irritants, testing is done on human guinea pigs.  Beautiful, healing plants (many of which I grow organically on our property), are turned into extracts and tinctures and infused into my products to take them to another level.  Being a believer in the incredible power of aromatherapy, I use therapeutic grade essential oils - and reiki energy - in all my products.  My range is sustainable and kind to you and the planet.  I use 99% glass packaging and many of my products can be re-filled.

I love the study of healing naturally and have a Natural Skincare Diploma and a Certificate in Aromascience, and have completed Rongoa 1.  I believe that plants and people were designed to live symbiotically - to respect each other.  If we care for them, they can care for us (and heal us), as they have for millennia.  My range is kind to skin and spirit, and doesn't have any of the chemical nasties that many mass produced skincare products still have - and which I believe are contributing to the phenomenal increase in allergies and rashes.   My range is great for 'normal' skins and a relief to 'sensitive' types and for skin issues such as eczema, acne, allergies and skin that is senitive due to cancer treatments, where less is more.  I also make custom products for difficult issues that need a little individualisation - dementia care, oedema, anxiety - delivering essential oils via massage oils can be extremely beneficial.

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'Made in Kapiti with Aroha'